Please Support Radical Life Extension Research

Support radical life extension research. Radical life extension attempts to stop and/or reverse human aging. Some scientists like Aubrey de Grey estimate that it might be possible to stop and/or reverse human aging in the next twenty years or so. This would be high risk research. However, high risk research has the potential to pay off big dividends.

It may be possible that it is impossible to stop and/or reverse human aging. However, it seems that if humans do not try to make it happen, then no one will ever know if it is possible to accomplish. One could support this sort of research by donating money to the SENS Foundation which attempts to make this research happen. One could possibly donate money to a university with the explicit condition that the money must go towards research that has the potential to possibly stop and/or reverse human aging.

Additionally it seems one could simply encourage others to study topics that would allow them to eventually conduct research in this topic area. It seems there are many ways to potentially support this sort of research and the development of this sort of technology. It would be good if more individuals would do all that is possible to support life extension research.

Disease kills humans so it is bad. Aging also kills humans, so it is equally as bad as disease, it seems. Of course, no one should be forced to live indefinitely, however, it seems it would be nice if all humans had the option to do so if they desired. It seems that the more energy, money, time and resources that is devoted to this sort of research, the faster humans will be able to know if it possible to create this technology, and also the faster it will possibly be actually developed.

Hopefully more governments and universities will start funding and paying attention to this sort of biomedical research. Hopefully, all humans will support this technology, of course without wanting to force any humans into actually using it. So support radical life extension research so that humans can find out if live indefinitely is possible on this Earth.