Earning Money Versus Making Money

Literally speaking, earning money means that one is doing something valuable so someone else is willing to give one money. From the literal perspective, only governments can make money. No unauthorized individual is legally allowed to make money. If one literally goes out and makes their own money, that is illegal. So this website is then about the metaphorical definition of making money where making money is actually meant to mean earning money. One should earn their money legally and do valuable work for others to make/earn money. One should not break the law to earn/make money.

There are many ways to earn money. There are many ways to both earn money online and offline. Earning money online is nice because by doing so, one can stay in their home, or do it on a beach or in a restaurant. Earning money over the Internet allows one to have a great deal of flexibility that one might otherwise not be able to have.

One could conduct research and publish it and monetize it online. One could conduct research for others to make money over the Internet. There are many possibilities.

So earning money and making money can be the same thing or different things, depending on how one uses the two terms. The English language can perhaps be confusing sometimes, but having a firm grasp of it can be quite useful, it seems. On The Internet, it seems that most often, the term “making money” refers to earning money. Hopefully, there will be less confusion about this in the future.

There are some ways of making money that one cannot utilize totally over the Internet. For example, one cannot grow digital food that another human can eat. Growing food must take place offline. The same goes for building houses. Building shelter can be a lucrative business. All humans have to have shelter. However, one cannot build a digital house that another human could life in.

Therefore, both earning money online and offline have a place in society. However, to go back on the topic of this post away from that tangent, weather one refers to making money or earning money, online or offline, the terms are both still metaphors with the latter term being a little less ambiguous and more literal.