Live News Online Links For March 2011

Here are a bunch of news links for February 2011. Enjoy these interesting links to these news articles.

A Court In Texas Rules That A Billion Dollar Whistle Blower Suit Against Psychotropic Drug Manufacturers Can Proceed

A Electric Car May Be Produced That Will Cost Between 37 And 45 Thousand Dollars

A Green Eco-Friendly Cement May Have Been Developed By Scientists

Denmark May Run On 50% Green Wind Power By 2025

Unemployment Rate In USA Below 9%

Eco-Friendly Flooring Developed That Uses The Natural Curves In Wood

Nutria Fur Might Be A Fashion Statement

Defense Secretary Robert Gates Goes To Kabul Afghanistan To Assess The War

Enjoy these online news links! These news links are about green power, the war in Afghanistan, fraud in psychiatry, electric cars, nutria fur and fashion, and Denmark! 🙂