Good Research Requires Thinking Clearly

Think clearly. Publish prolifically. Those two sentences are sort of tangents. So are the next four small paragraphs.

I recently finished listening to Linchpin by Seth Godin. Intersting book.

I have been engaging in independent publishing for more than seven years now.

I have recently been experimenting with a variety of publishing systems and organization methodologies.

I think that it will be good if governments becomes more open and transparent.

Now to my point.

Researchers affect government policies. Good public servants ought to be able to analyze and think about research clearly. We are all researchers.
All adults should be able to have at least a basic ability to analyze and critically think about research and research methods.

Thinking clearly is required of both researchers and those and read or are affected by research. If clearly thinking is not present then unintended consequences will usually occur.

Research produces findings and claims. If one is unable to thoughtfully and clearly analyze research then this can have unintended consequences that are undesirable. This is our reality.

There are courses and classes on how analyze research. There are books too.

I will admit that I am writing this update on a phone. I do not feel like writing anymore right now. Have a good day or whenever it is where you are at. Cheers!

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  1. Tina October 7, 2016