Support Radical Life Extension Research to Maybe Increase Life Expectancy

Support life extension research. No human should have to die. Humans should not be forced to live indefinitely, but at least they should have the option to be able to live indefinitely. There are an unlimited amount of potentially enjoyable activities to do in The Universe, so living indefinitely would never have to be boring. It might be possible to stop and/or reverse aging sooner than most anyone realizes. So work to support and conduct research into radical life extension technologies.

Living indefinitely could be quite wonderful. As long as one is able to keep oneself from becoming bored, then it seems that living indefinitely could be a wonderful experience. This is why radical life extension research should be conducted and/or supported. Of course, the fact that no one should be forced to live indefinitely cannot be repeated enough it seems.

Hopefully more large universities will devote time, money, energy, and work hours towards this sort of potentially high risk research. This sort of high risk research has quite a potential to possibly payoff in a huge way it seems. And because of this, devoting resources to this sort of high risk research seems warranted.

Without more public support, it seems that this sort of technology may progress slowly. So if anyone wants to see this technology progress at a brisk pace, then one must do all that is in their power to try and have that happen. Donate money to The SENS Research Foundation. Buy the book Ending Aging.

So work to stop and/or reverse human aging perhaps. More humans should work to stop and/or reverse human aging. There is a potential that the human life expectancy could dramatically increase, and that it could perhaps even be extended indefinitely. However, if this is to happen more humans must conduct, support and/or promote research into radical life extension. There are some organizations that are endeavoring to have this occur. One of them is The SENS Foundation. There may be others. Hopefully, more organizations like this will be created. Death is unfortunate. If it could be mostly or entirely eliminated, it seems like that would be good.