Having Fun Can Make Life Worth Living

Life should be worthwhile and enjoyable. If life is not enjoyable, then there is perhaps no point to living. Ideally, one should be happy at least a lot of the time. Perhaps it is unrealistic to have fun and be happy all the time, but it seems that it is probably realistic to have fun and enjoy life at least a lot of the time. There are so many things to do on this Earth that can be be enjoyable and interesting. There are many different fun things to do on this Earth that can potentially make life feel worth-while.

Some of those things cost money, but many of them are likely free, it seems. One should not do excessively dangerous or unhealthy things to enjoy life. A sufficiently safe life can be a worth while life to live. Have fun alone or with others! As long as one is not breaking the law or doing something that will possibly cause a significantly negative consequence to make it not worth doing, then there is probably just about no wrong way to have fun and enjoy life. One can experiment with different behaviors and activities to find the ones that one likes. All humans are different and each human will have unique tastes and preferences.

Travel can be enjoyable and fun. Shopping can be nice to do. Surfing can be a thrill. Watching a movie can make one laugh. Snorkeling can be interesting. Reading can be relaxing. Cooking can be satisfying. Exercising can be nice, too. There are so many ways to potentially have fun, it might just be hard to believe.

Thinking can sometimes even be fun. One can think about funny or interesting things. One can think about fantasy or fiction. One can think about philosophy or religion. There are many topics that can be enjoyable and fun to think about. Driving and flying can be nice activities to do. Writing can be enjoyable. Making money and spending money can be enjoyable.

So the more fun that one has in life, and the less non-fun that one has, the more life might feel worthwhile to live. Once one has their basic needs taken care of, then perhaps one should seek to have fun and enjoy life, both when alone, and when with others.