Some Ideas About Gardening and More

The following are some ideas about traveling, gardening, and true beauty.

Traveling can be an enjoyable activity. There are many places to travel on this Earth. It can be quite an enjoyable activity to partake in. There are tropical locations to travel to on this Earth. One can travel by oneself or with others. Traveling with others can perhaps be most enjoyable, since companionship is often good and pleasant. Traveling often costs money, so saving up money before traveling can be a good idea. There are many things to do while traveling. One could go scuba diving or skiing or snowboarding. One could go to museums or see historical sites while traveling. The options are almost limitless. So, perhaps more individuals should travel, perhaps.

Gardening is a good hobby perhaps. More individuals should take up gardening maybe. Gardening is perhaps a good hobby. There are many reasons why gardening is a good hobby. One can grow healthy food using gardening. One can grow food organically using a home or personal garden. One can pick what sorts of plants, fruits and vegetables that they would like to grow, just like one can choose which foods they want to buy at a supermarket.

One can save money by gardening, potentially. Food often times costs money, so by gardening, one can somewhat or totally avoid having to spend money on food, potentially. It can be quite satisfying and enjoyable to garden for some individuals. Gardening can be a mild form of exercise. It can be relaxing. There are many good hobbies and gardening seems to be one of them. It might be good for this Earth and the human species if more individuals took up gardening.

True beauty can be good. Virtue can be beautiful. Health can be beautiful. Truth can be be beautiful. Honesty can also be beauty. There are many ways to be beautiful. Shallow beauty is worthless. All humans should strive and work to try and become truly beautiful. What would be the point if all humans were ugly. Ugliness almost be definition is unpleasant to look at. So why would humans want to create unpleasant experiences for one another? This is one more reason that all humans should strive to create beautiful in their minds, bodies, creations, actions, and thoughts.

Hopefully the amount of beauty and awe on this Earth will infinitely increase exponentially as soon and as much as possible. Scientists should work to abolish, stop, and/or reverse aging. This would be a good technology, and could perhaps increase beauty some. No one should be forced to use any technology like this, but it might be nice if it were at least an option.

Hopefully these ideas about gardening, travel, and beauty will be useful for some of the humans on this Earth.