Some Ideas to Examine

Here are some ideas to ponder. Everyone is entitled to their opinions. The United States allows for free speech, and for the free expression of ideas. The United States is a great country. Democracy may not be perfect, but it is better than many of the other systems out there. Everyone should do their part to try and make this country better. Everyone should do what they can to become a more honest and virtuous individual. It is perhaps only with the help of God that we can become better as human beings.

Abolish psychiatric slavery. Psychiatric slavery is not too much different from chattel slavery. Legalize polygamy. Legalize human cloning. Promote liberty and personal responsibility. Eat healthy food. Exercise neither too much nor too little. Be kind to others. Learn to defend yourself as best you can. Try to stay healthy. To enjoyable and fun things in life. Help others as much as possible.

Learn from your mistakes. Know that is all right to make mistakes. If you make a mistake do your best to correct it. Learn from experience. Support efforts to stop or reverse aging. Some scientists think it might be possible to stop or reverse aging. Legalize all drugs. But prosecute violent crimes. Set goals in life. Write your interesting thoughts down. By writing them down you can reference them later. This may help you come up with better ideas in the future. Don’t break the law. If you don’t like a law work to change it within the political system that exists.

Try to keep your body as healthy as possible. The virtuous life. Stretching can be a fun thing to do in life. Stretching your body can just feel good. Gentle stretching can be nice. Gentle exercise can be nice. Possibly seek out and education. Those who are educated tend to make more money over their lifetime. Develop good habits. Attempt to slowly eliminate bad habits. Or do it fastest possible. Read A Course In Miracles perhaps. Hopefully someone will find these ideas useful. Everything is an idea. There is an infinite amount of ideas in The Universe.