Psychiatric Slavery Should Be Abolished

Non-consensual psychiatry should be abolished. Non-consensual psychiatry is wrong and should be abolished. Non-consensual psychiatry includes the insanity defense, involuntary treatment, civil commitment, and psychiatry slavery. None of these political and legal inventions are ethical, right or moral. There are many reasons why non-consensual psychiatry, the insanity defense, and psychiatric slavery should be abolished.

Hopefully these scars upon freedom will be abolished sooner rather than later. If more individuals worked to abolish these unethical practices, then they will likely be stopped sooner it seems. There are many things that one can do to try and further the cause of increasing freedom and personal responsibility. One could simply talk with or write to others about these problems.

The insanity defense strips one of responsibility for their actions. Psychiatry slavery is justified in that it is beneficial to the individual being “treated” in non-consensual fashion; it is like chattel slavery in the sense the similar justifications for both have been used. Involuntary psychiatric treatment is wrong because someone should be allowed to end their own life if they choose to, even thought it might not be a morally correct or desirable action. Additionally, if one is a danger to others, if they are breaking a law, then they should be treated as a criminal. However, if they are not breaking any laws, then they should be left alone.

The rationals for psychiatric slavery are thin. They are not hard to see through, it seems. It seems likely that many of the justifications for civil commitment, non-consensual psychiatry and the insanity defense are based upon rationalization, scientific errors, bias, financial interests and poorly conducted research. Hopefully more individuals will see, agree with and promote the reasons for the abolishing of psychiatric slavery.

Hopefully psychiatric slavery will be abolished sooner than later. Hopefully more individuals embrace both freedom and personal responsibility. Non-consensual psychiatry is something that seems to make this Earth a less pleasant place to live. Perhaps this Earth would be a more wonderful location to be living if non-consensual psychiatry, the insanity defense, involuntary psychiatric treatment, civil commitment, and psychiatric slavery were all abolished.