Here Is at Least One Thought of the Day to Read

Here is at least one possibly nice thought of the day to read. Thoughts and ideas can be useful, perhaps. Slavery is not right. Chattel slavery was not right, and neither is psychiatric slavery. Abolish psychiatric slavery. Abolish civil commitment and the insanity defense. Psychiatric slavery should be abolished. Psychiatric slavery includes involuntary treatment and the insanity defense.

It is an unjust system. Everyone should work to abolish psychiatric slavery. If someone breaks the law, they should be treated criminally and not within the psychiatric system. If someone wants to stop their own body from functioning, they should be allowed to. Psychiatric slavery has gone on for far too long. It should be eliminated before the nightmare that it is becomes any larger than it already is.

And the following is another somewhat unrelated but possibly useful idea. Always wear shoes that fit well. Read that again, maybe. Wear shoes that fit well. One many pay a high price for wearing uncomfortable shoes that do not fit well, too often.

Here is another thought. Save up to buy a house. Having a house can be nice. It can be a sanctuary. Having a house can give one freedom. Owning a house can feel good. Having a big house can be nice. Having a hot-tub can be nice. Having a large soft comfy bed can be nice. Having a warm place to stay can be nice. Watching television on a big screen TV can be nice.

There are many ideas in this Universe. There is an infinite number of possible ideas to think about. That is good it seems. Earn money. Work hard. Never give up. One should always do their best to be successful and helpful. One should be virtuous and law abiding. Promote and/or conduct research on how to stop and/or reverse aging. Conduct high risk research, perhaps. It is good to have lofty goals. So, abolish psychiatric slavery, save up to buy a house maybe, be virtuous and law abiding, and wear shoes that fit well. Hopefully these thoughts and ideas will be useful. More thoughts of the day may be coming here soon.