Some Possibly Good Ideas

Here is a miscellaneous mixture of some possibly good ideas.

Prosecute criminals and abolish the insanity defense. Criminals should be prosecuted. All drugs should be legalized. Violence except in self-defense is unacceptable. Go into law-enforcement perhaps. Study criminal justice, perhaps. Everyone is entitled to life and liberty, and should also accept personal responsibility. The insanity defense should be abolished. Those who break the law should be held responsible. Crimes should not be treated as a medical matter, as the insanity defense seems to try to do. Promote justice and virtue. Promote honesty and truth. Those who do violence to and steal from others should be punished justly. Law abiding citizens should be allowed to owe guns, as they are able to in many nations on this Earth. Be a law abiding citizen. Obey laws. Change laws if they seem unjust. Also, support democracy.

Do something amazing. Figure out a way to do something amazing and useful. Try to eliminate poverty. Try to become wealthy. Have lofty goals. Try to break a record. Try to cure a disease. Go to school. Get a doctorate degree, perhaps. There are many amazing things to do in this Universe.

Make a music video perhaps. If one makes music, then one should perhaps make a music video. That can be a creative process and enjoyable. Many humans like music and many humans like videos. Perhaps it is also true that many humans like music videos. A video recorder can come in handy when making a music video. Making music can be quite enjoyable.

Live a life of luxury and peace, perhaps. Luxury and peace are both nice ideas to embrace. Peace is nice. Who does not like peace. Inner-peace is good. External peace is also good. Luxury can be enjoyable and relaxing. Who does not like to live in luxury. Living in luxury could include having a nice comfortable and clean home, a hot tub, healthy and delicious food, a comfy bed, and warm water. Peace means an absence of violence and conflict. That could mean that there is lots of laughter and smiling.

Hopefully, this miscellaneous mixture of possibly good ideas will be useful to someone on this Earth. 🙂