It Is Good to Write Skillfully

Writing Can Be Good
It is better to take the time to write well. There is something about good writing that is so much better than poor writing. Good writing takes time. Good writing takes practice, skill and patience. Lazy humans may write poorly. Humans with a good work ethic may write higher quality works. This is perhaps an over-generalization, but still probably at least somewhat true.

It can take more time to write works of quality. The extra time and energy needed can be quite worthwhile. It can better to be more definitive than more vague and equivocally when writing. It is probably not impossible for one individual to write at least one million words in a year. A lot of the writings could potentially even be quite good perhaps. Typing proficiently can be helpful in being able to write prolifically. Learning to type fast can be a worthwhile investment to make.

It can take lots of practice to learn to type faster. There is software that can facilitate one learning to type fast. Quality writing can sometimes be fairly simplistic. Poetry is sometimes nice since it can take so many forms. There are many ways to write the same thing. There are many ways to communicate the same information. The same idea can probably be conveyed successfully in either a poem or a five paragraph essay, for example.

Writing prolifically can take a lot of dedication. It probably does not have to be hard, but it probably is not necessarily easy, either. To write one million words per year, one must write about 2740 words per day. This is not unrealistic to do. By doing this, one can arguably be considered a prolific writer. Ideally, if one does this, what one writes should be of high quality.

Good writing can be quite enjoyable to read. Good writing can potentially convey complex ideas rather efficiently. Using good grammar is good to do. Using poor grammar is not good and makes it harder for others to read and understand what is being written about. Writing is such a wonderful way to communicate ideas! Hopefully more high quality writing will happen on this Earth.