All The Search Engine Marketing Tools You Need To Make Money Online Are Free

If you are looking at buying some search engine marketing tools, you may be wasting your time. Using OpenOffice Calc in combination with Google’s Keyword Tool and GoDaddy’s Bulk Buying Tool, can make you money.

I recommend Domain Monster for buying domains and then using Hostgator for hosting them. Put Adsense on the site or sell affiliate or Amazon products. Be patient and persistent, and then start to let the cash fill up your bank account.

It takes hard work to make money online, but you probably don’t have to buy expensive search engine marketing tools to do it.

Then of course, install the SEO Quake Firefox Extension. It can be very useful. I personally recommend that you use Mozilla Firefox for SEO only and then use Google Chrome or Safari for regular browsing of the Internet.

This isn’t exactly technology news, but it sort of is.

Finding good niche keywords is not hard as long as you make sure you are using Google’s free Keyword Tool. If you search Google for “keyword tool”, it should be the first result to pop-up. Make sure your keywords have 1,000 exact matches at least and have a CPC of at least $0.50 to $1.00.

So now you don’t have to buy any SEO keyword tools. What I’ve described here is essentially a free keyword analyzer. Just think up lots of possible keyword phrases and plugin them into Google’s free Keyword Tool. Download the results once you get about 80-120 keywords that you like. Open them up into Open Office Calc. Delete all the columns except for keyword, CPC, and number of local search results. Copy the keyword column once you use “find and replace” to remove the brackets from the exact match searches, remove all the spaces using “find and replace”, and then paste the keywords with the spaces into a new column (this is so they are easier to access when you want to find out how much competition there is in the search results). Then use GoDaddy’s bulk buying tool to see what .com, .net, and .org address are available.

Good luck finding freedom and making a living from The Internet! 🙂