Is It Good to Be a Psychology Major?

This will be about deciding whether or not you should become a psychology major. Deciding what your major should be is a big decision. You should get all the information you can, so you can make an informed decision about your future. Below, there will be two lists. One will be reasons why one should major in psychology. The other will be about why one should not major in psychology. There are probably other reasons that could go in both lists, and perhaps not all of these reasons will hold true for everyone. However, hopefully, they will give you more data to decide whether or not you should become a psychology major.

Here are reasons to be a psychology major. This is not all inclusive. This list will likely look different for everyone.

  • You have to use less math than in other fields.
  • It can be interesting.
  • If you get a masters degree or higher you can make a decent wage.
  • You can potentially help others solve their problems in living.
  • You can possibly participate in research by getting a degree in psychology.

Here are reasons not to be a psychology major. This list is also like not all inclusive, and will likely look a little bit different for everyone.

  • It can be emotionally draining in the profession.
  • You might have to pathologize others.
  • You might have to work with involuntary clients within the field of psychology and psychiatry.
  • You do not get to do tons of math when studying psychology.
  • You may have to do a lot of paperwork and a lot of writing.
Everyone has unique tastes and preferences. There may be reasons for being a psychology major, and also reasons to not be a psychology major that have not been listed here. These lists will likely be unique for everyone.

There are probably other reasons for and against being a psychology major; you can post those in the comments below if you would like to share those other reasons. Ultimately, you should probably make up your own mind when deciding what field you want to go into. Get as much information as you can so you can make informed decision.