Should You Conduct Life Extension Research?

Life extension is perhaps good. There are scientists attempting to figure out how to genuinely stop or reverse the biological aging processes.

Life extension might be a worth while technology learn and research. If humans could reverse the processes of aging, then perhaps all adult humans could have bodies with a biological age between 17 and 30 something, depending on their preferences and the level of technological sophistication.

If one has not yet been through a university, then perhaps one can go and specialize in a way that would allow them to research and learn about life extension or age reversal technologies. These technologies do not really exist in an ideal way at this time.

Some scientists think that technology could be developed to reverse or stop aging in about 20 years. It might only be a possibility, not a sure thing. But, that does not mean that humans should not endeavor to make this happen.

There could be many benefits for all humans if the average human life-space were 1,000 years. So, perhaps, if one is able, and one can legally do it, then one should conduct research into life extension and/or age reversal technologies. It could benefit oneself and others.