Some Ideas for Psychology Majors to Consider

Here are some different ideas that might be fruitful for psychology majors to consider.

How Psychology Business And Economics Interact

Psychology, business, and economics certainly interact. Psychology is about the mind, thoughts, behaviors and so forth. Economics deals with money, business, finance, and so forth.It is individual humans/consumers who make purchases with money. Humans buy many things. They buy things to meet their basic needs, like food, water, shelter, and clothing.

Humans also buy things that go beyond their basic needs. Humans buy cars, planes, trains, and more. Humans buy alcohol, jewelry, art, and much more. What someone buys and does not buy is often decided at least to a certain degree about what they think and feel about a product. If a business owner puts out a likable or useful product, then it is more likely that someone will purchase it. Therefore, economists and business types might benefit some from studying at least some about psychology.

It Is Likely That Not All Psychology Researchers Are Totally Honest And Ethical

Some researchers within the field of psychology are not entirely honest it seems. Honest is a good long term strategy. Dishonesty is a bad long term strategy. Dishonesty can sometimes work in the short term to gain an advantage, but in the long term, dishonesty will likely yield negative results it seems.

There are probably dishonest researchers in many different fields. However, in certain fields research is harder to fake and lie in than others. For example, if someone publishes mathematics research, it seems possible that sometimes anyone else with sufficient knowledge could easily check and verify some research. However, in psychology research often has data to which statistics are then applied. It is this data that can be faked it seems.

Also, funding sources can bias research it seems. If someone is putting food on the table because of their funding source, they might be more likely to find outcomes that funding party will like, if the funding seems like they might have a bias or stake in the research outcome. By biasing one’s own research, the funding party might be more likely to give funds to the researcher in the future. This seems like a problem to which there many not be many readily available good solutions.

There Are Many Interesting Psychology Specialties

There are many interesting branches of psychology. Some of these branches include things like cognitive psychology and community psychology. There are quite a few different branches in psychology that one can specialize in. The higher one’s level of educational attainment, it seems the more specialized one is likely to be within the profession.

Hopefully, these thoughts and ideas will be useful for someone who is a psychology major.