Tunisia May Be Developing A Successful & Free Democracy

Here is some fairly live news online about The Middle East. Tunisia may be developing a successful and free democracy, it appears. This seems like a good development. It looks like radical Islam may not be a ruling force in Tunisia. That is good. Freedom and personal responsibility are important. Hopefully, the tyranny of the majority will not become a negative force in Tunisia.

Hopefully other nations in The Middle East will become free. Hopefully they will not be oppressive theocracies. It appears that there is much open activity and communication between citizens in Tunisia. That is likely good, it seems.

Democracy may be the worst form of government that there is, except for all the other ones. Winston Churchill may have said something to that effect. It seems like new democracies are emerging yearly, and Tunisia is just one one of the latest democracies to emerge. There is plenty more live news online for everyday, since much happens on this Earth; so check back soon.