Support Faster Than Light Technology Research

Faster than light technology is quite fascinating. It is a technology which my not be possible, since most currently understand it as something that would violate the known laws of physical. So conducting this sort of research would be quite high risk. It is a risk that is perhaps worth the potential reward. This sort of technology could perhaps enable humans to explore other planets in The Universe. This is potentially a wonderful sort of technology that has not yet been developed.

This technology could allow for humans to experience potentially unlimited population growth. Certainly not everyone would have to engage in this sort of research. However, it seems that if more individuals engaged in and/or support this sort of research into this high risk technology, then it might have the potential to be developed faster, if it can be developed at all. It seems that one could study physics at a college or a university in order to be able to go into a field in which this sort of research could potentially be conducted.

It may require private funding for this research until more public support could be developed. Spread the word about this technology in order to try and have it researched. It is unfortunate that more time, energy and money has already been funneled into this sort of research. Faster than light technology could potentially change the way humans experience reality quite dramatically. If this technology could be developed and/or invented, it might take millions or billions or more dollars to do so.

It might be impossible for such a technology to be developed, however it might not be. It is currently thought of as fact that nothing can go faster than light. However, in the past beliefs that were thought to be facts by almost everyone have been proven wrong before. For example, in the past it as widely believed that The Earth is flat, and also that The Earth was in the center of The Universe. Both of these previously widly held beliefs have been proven to be wrong. It is possible that the belief that nothing can travel faster than light might be wrong too.

So support this sort of high risk research perhaps. The risks could be worth the potential rewards. So especially if you are young individual, perhaps consider conducting and/or support research into faster than light travel. It would be good if humans could travel to other planets. There could be potentially millions, billions, or trillions or more planets in The Universe that humans might be able to inhabit, develop and live on.