General Overview About Being a Psychology Major

All About The Psychology Major

Next to business, the psychology major is one of the most popular majors obtained in colleges and universities in the United States. And for good reason – it is one of the most versatile and useful degrees that one can obtain, and has applications in a variety of fields and industries. Each year, thousands of college students around the country graduate with degrees in psychology and go on to do wonderful work in their lives to help contribute to society.

Classes Required

The psychology major is very diverse and requires many different types of classes to be completed in order for the major to be completed. The most common type of class that you will take when completing your psychology major is obviously psychology classes. However, you will go far beyond “Psychology 101” – instead you will delve into every facet of psychology, from how the brain processes information to advanced child development topics. In addition to the standard set of psychology courses you take, you will also have to complete general education courses that are standard for every major at most universities and colleges across the country. You will also probably encounter a few math classes, along with sociology and history classes to complete your education.

Applications Of The Psych Degree

Psych majors do a lot more than go on to become a “psychologist”. In fact there are people with psychology majors employed in just about every industry in the workforce. It is a very versatile degree and equips graduates with the skills they will need to interact with their fellow employees and understand how the human mind thinks and works. While the psychology major doesn’t teach many “applicable” skills, per se, it readies people to become faster learners and teaches people how to function like a competent adult and worker.

The most common fields for people with psychology degrees are business, education and health care. All three of these fields focus heavily on dealing with other people, and there is no major that better prepares you for dealing with people than a psych major. You can find many teachers of all ages with psychology degrees.

In addition to the psychology major, they often have specialized training in the field they are teaching in, but the psychology major prepares them for the basis and foundation of teaching, interacting with the students, and helping to foster a safe and efficient learning environment. Many people in business have psych degrees because the skills that are needed for the job are quite easy to learn, but the skills needed to interact with people and be a successful businessperson are much more difficult to learn.


The psychology major is one of the most diverse and applicable majors that can be obtained in college. No wonder it’s the second most popular major behind business. The major has many different applications and can be used in a variety of industries. Obtaining a major in psychology will prepare you for a variety of careers and career paths.