Words of Encouragement Can Increase Rates of Success

Using words of encouragement to build others up rather than breaking others down can perhaps help to increase one’s ability to have success. One can use kind towards in one’s own head towards one’s own self to try and be more personally successful. Also, it seems that one could use kind and optimistic words towards others in order to try and increase another’s ability to have success.

It seems that one should not look at one’s own situation nor anothers sitation with neither rosy glasses, nor dark pessmistic glasses, metaphorically speaking. Being too pessmistic can be problematic, and also being too optimistic can perhaps also cause problems in the sense that one might over look potential problems by being too optimistic. So therefore, one should perhaps attempt to have a balanced and unbiased view in the way that they view their life, their goals, and their circumstances.

There are meany reasons to use words of encouragement. Words of encouragement can perhaps help both one’s own self and others to never give up ever. Giving up is a poor strategy. Perseverence and trying different strategies can be a good strategy that can help one to have success it seems.

Hopefully everyone can be successful at whatever they are striving towards as long as what one is doing is legal, ethical and moral. Hopefully more honest and upright individuals will have success in their goals, whatever they may be. Legal, ethical and moral goals are perhaps the only goals that are worth having. All others will likely have negative consequences that will make the goals problematic and not worth striving towards.

Using postive self-talk can perhaps help one to persevere and to keep going. Also thinking about potentially postiive consequences of having success can perhaps help one to keep going when working towards some sort of goal. To have success can feel good and can be useful. One must have success at certain tasks or else face loss of life. For example, in order to keep living, one must have success at tasks like securing food, water and shelter.

It can feel good to hear kind words that are encouraging. Perhaps if more individuals would use kind words that would build their own self and others up, then this Earth would be a better place to live. So hopefully more individuals will utilize words of encouragement in their own mind and when speaking towards others so that more individuals can have success in reaching legal, ethical and moral goals.