Work to Colonize Other Planets

Humans should work to colonize other planets. This may never happen. Humans may never be able to colonize other planets. However, it seems like there is a good chance that humans on this Earth may be able to do this one day.

Support research investigating faster than light travel. Faster than light travel could be quite a good technology, therefore more individuals should support high risk research into this potential technology. It may be unlikely that this technology could ever be developed, however, if it were to be developed successfully, it could change the way humans experience reality a great deal.

Support research into faster than light technologies. Currently most people think that faster than light technology would be impossible to develop or create. That may be the case. However, new data could demonstrate otherwise. This would indeed be high-risk research. However, high-risk research can sometimes pay off big time.

Hopefully more humans on this Earth will be able to conduct research on methods of potentially traveling to and colonizing other planets. Hopefully many companies will adopt a mission that would help further the ability of humans to colonize other planets.

The sort of technologies needed to colonize other planets may not be far off, it might be quite far off in the future, or perhaps it might never even be developed. Hopefully the necessary technologies will be developed, though.

There are many things that each individual could do to try and make it so that humans can colonize other planets. One could write articles or create videos promoting the development of technologies that could allow for humans to colonize other planets. One could go to school and obtain an education so that one has the necessary knowledge to try and conduct actual research or engineering related to technologies that could allow for humans to colonize other planets. It is difficult to determine where humans might be technologically in 5, 10, or 50 or more years. Yet hopefully, humans will be able to colonize other planets in The Universe sooner rather than later.