What Is The Purpose Of Live News Online?

Why would you wanted to be totally connected to all the possible live news online that could be out there? Would you really want to be that connected? What is the advantage to following the news? And what is the advantage to staying on top of live news? Will knowing the news help you to earn more money? What is the purpose of the news?

What sort of live news is the most interesting? If you were going to be watching live news online, would it be tech news, world news, business news, political news, or some other type of news? Is all live news online free? What percentage of the live news online costs money to watch?

Do you have links to good live news sources online? If you do, then please post them in the comments here.

Do you read RSS feeds? How close to being live news are those? Just be careful what sort of messages you allow to enter your mind! 🙂

Enjoy the news! 🙂